Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Casavant Organ in Princeton, NJ - Available NOW!

For the first forty years of its history, the Organ Clearing House worked mostly with the relocation of organs built in the nineteenth century.  Our records show dozens of lovely smaller instruments by builders like Hook & Hastings, Johnson, Jardine, and Hutchings.  At the time when OCH was founded (1961), the most venerable and desirable of those organs were barely a hundred years old – and many were barely fifty.

Now when we place an organ built in 1860 we’re acutely aware that it’s over a hundred-fifty years old, that much more a treasure, and that much more fragile.

The style of the time created an active market for ten-stop tracker organs.  It’s our observation that the ever-burgeoning digital substitutes have taken much of that market, and the market for vintage pipe organs is becoming increasingly upscale.  In the last several years we’ve had significant success relocating larger electro-pneumatic instruments from the early decades of the twentieth century. 

Our American pipe organ renaissance, the much celebrated Revival of Classic Organbuilding born in the 1950’s and 1960’s, active through the end of the twentieth century and continuing today has produced hundreds of wonderful American instruments with mechanical action based on the best of earlier European traditions.  That movement is still new enough that relatively few instruments built during that period have been offered for sale.

The Casavant Organ in Princeton, NJ is an outstanding example of that renaissance.  It is being offered for sale not because of faults or lack of quality, but because the music program of that prominent Episcopal parish is now firmly based on the “English Cathedral” tradition. The Choir has moved back to the chancel at the east end and the organ is located at the west end – acoustically 2 rooms away.”

The organ is housed in handsome oak cases and offers a range of Principal Choruses, solo and chorus reeds, and a broad palette of mutation flutes.  It is perfectly suited for the performance of German and French baroque music, and the expressive swell box allows a wide range of romantic effects along with enhancing usefulness as an accompanimental instrument.

The organ is available now.  We invite you to be in touch to arrange an audition visit.  The price will be negotiated to reflect both the high quality of the instrument and the church’s desire to sell it.

The Organ Clearing House is offering full relocation services.
To see the stoplist and more information, please visit and see #2126.

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